Daya Bay Nuclear Power Operations and Management Co., Ltd. (DNMC), established in March 2003, is the first specialized nuclear power operator in China.

      DNMC operates six 1, 000 MWe units at Daya Bay Nuclear Power Site, which consists of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station (GNPS), Ling Ao Nuclear Power Station Phase I (LNPS Phase I) and Ling Ao Nuclear Power Station Phase II (LNPS Phase II), with annual generation of more than 45 TWh, the environmental benefits are equivalent to planting 100,000 hectares of forests each year.

      DNMC is committed to becoming the benchmark of world nuclear power operations, adheres to the basic principles of “Safety First, Quality Foremost, Pursuing Excellence”; upholds the core values of “Doing Things Right in One Go”, and follows the corporate spirits of “take safety and quality as the root, regard technical management as the soul, revere procedures and advocate craftsmanship”. By continuously gaining the world advanced nuclear safety management experience, coupled with the practices of nuclear power operations and management for more than 100 reactor years, the Company has developed the DYB UeM management model with DNMC’s characteristics, which can be transferred to nuclear power operators both at home and abroad.

      Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station (GNPS)

      As the first-ever large commercial nuclear power plant in Mainland China, GNPS consists of two PWRs of 984 MWe each. The annual generation is about 15 billion kWh. 80% of the generation is sent to Hong Kong, accounting for one quarter of the electricity consumption in Hong Kong.

      GNPS is a landmark project and model for reform and opening up. The plant has been constructed and operated under the pattern of “starting at a significant height to introduce, digest, absorb and innovate” and “constructing with loans, repaying loans with revenues from electricity sales and joint venture operations”. The main structural work commenced in August 7, 1987 and GNPS was put into commercial operations on May 6, 1994.

    Ling Ao Nuclear Power Station Phase I (LNPS Phase I)

        Taking GNPS as its reference plant, LNPS Phase I has two PWRs of 990 MWe each with its 52 significant technical improvements. Its annual generation is about 15 billion KWh, all sent to the Southern Grid.

        The construction of LNPS Phase I was started on May 15, 1997, and it had been put into commercial operations on January 8, 2003, 66 days ahead of the schedule, saving USD 381 million which equaled 10% of the total budget approved by the State authorities.

    Ling Ao Nuclear Power Station Phase II (LNPS Phase II)

        LNPS Phase II is the only nuclear power project constructed during the 10th Five-Year-Plan period and is a leading project under the national self-reliance program of the industry. The project adopted CPR1000, the improved Chinese PWR technology and a brand owned by CGN, and two 1,000 MWe PWR units were planned for construction.

        The main structural work of LNPS Phase II was started on December 15, 2005, and the project was fully completed on August 7, 2011.